Segway tour Belgrade

Get the wheels on your heels and explore Belgrade in a coolest way possible

Segway Tour of Belgrade

Learn about Belgrade, peek into its hidden corners and come face to face with rich history of this city all while feeling like a wealthy superhero having the best time in new country.

Sound excessive? That’s only because you haven’t yet experienced the fantastic Segway tours in Belgrade and got to know the beautiful Serbian capital in this fun and unique way.

With our professional tour guides, who are very passionate about showing you the best of Belgrade, you’ll experience the city’s sights and sounds like never before.

Are you ready to glide through the city streets, take in the stunning views of the Danube river, and see famous landmarks like Kalemegdan Fortress and the Church of Saint Sava?

Prices start from:

39 EUR for groups for 90-100 min tours
& 59 EUR for 150-180 min tours

Why is Segway tour so special?

Belgrade has a rich culture and history and the unique spirit of this city will surely captivate you. But, if you want to experience the best that this city has to offer, then a segway tour is the perfect way to do it and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

And this is why:

1. One of the biggest benefits of a Segway tour is that it allows you to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Rather than walking from one site to the next, a Segway allows you to zip around the city quickly and easily, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Our tour guides are experts and will make sure you see all significant spots, as well as some hidden gems you might not have discovered on your own.

2. Another great benefit of a Segway tour is that it’s a fun and exhilarating experience in its own. Riding a Segway is an exciting way to travel. You’ll feel like a true adventurer as you navigate the streets of Belgrade. And dont worry. Even if you’ve never ridden one before, you’ll get the hang of it and start having fun in no time.

3. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a Segway tour is the opportunity to learn about the city from a knowledgeable and experienced guide. Our tour guides are passionate about Belgrade and its history, and they’ll share their wealth of knowledge with you as you explore the city together. From interesting historical facts to insider tips on the best places to eat and drink, our guides will make sure you get the most out of your time in Belgrade.

4. Speaking of food and drink, a Segway tour is the perfect way to discover all the best culinary delights that Belgrade has to offer. We will show you all the best restaurants and cafes in the city for you to try. Whether you’re a foodie looking for the latest gastronomic trend or just want to sample some delicious local cuisine, a Segway tour is the perfect way to do it.

What will you see on Segway tour?

For your adventure, you can choose one of our pre-prepared Segway tours or a custom tour according to your wishes. Standard tours include:

  • Belgrade mini tour (90 minutes) – includes a tour of the center of Belgrade and significant historical locations.
  • Big Belgrade tour (150 minutes) – on it, in addition to important historical monuments, we also visit other important locations in the city.
  • Jewish heritage (100 minutes) – includes a Belgrade mini-tour with an additional tour of the Belgrade Jewish quarter.
  • Romantic tour (90 minutes) – visit places where love is declared.
  • German tour (90 minutes) – visit locations marked by the influence of German culture.
  • Oriental tour (90 minutes) – see the places that were important during the Turkish rule in Belgrade.
  • Russian tour (80 minutes) – visit places related to Russians in Belgrade.
  • Greek tour (90 minutes) – get to know the Greek heritage in Belgrade.

Ready to put some Segway wheels on your heels?

So what are you waiting for? Book your Segway tour of Belgrade today and get ready for a fun, exciting, and unforgettable adventure in one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant cities.

And that’s not all. For groups of 5 or more people you get 10% off for your Segway tour and 15% discount on all other tours from our offer.

Book your tour today and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget!

Prices start from:

39 EUR for groups for 90-100 min tours
& 59 EUR for 150-180 min tours