Rural Gems Tour

Discover the true flavours of Serbia

Serbia as it really is

Experience the unique flavors and stunning natural beauty of Serbia on this one-of-a-kind Rural Gems All-Day Tour. Our expert guides will lead you on a culinary adventure through the heart of the Serbian countryside, taking you to some of the best restaurants that serve delicious roast pork and lamb, game meat, and other local delicacies.
Prices start from:

from 155 EUR per person

What to expect on Rural Gems Tour

During the tour, you will visit two very popular restaurants where tables are reserved several weeks in advance, each with its unique charm.

At the first location, you will have the opportunity to taste authentic and exclusive Serbian dishes – prosciutto and venison kulen (made from deer and wild boar meat), cheese, cream and homemade bread.

After visiting the beautiful landscapes, we will visit another location, where you will be waiting for baking like no other, and we will sweeten the whole experience with Serbian pancakes.

As you dine on mouth-watering dishes, you’ll be surrounded by an authentic atmosphere and breathtaking scenery.
The Bukulja mountain, known for its stunning landscapes and rich wildlife, provides the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable experience. And, of course, no meal is complete without a shot of homemade brandy, which our guides will be more than happy to introduce you to.

But the Rural Gems all day tour is not just about food. It’s about immersing yourself in the rich cultural and historical heritage of Serbia. As we travel through the countryside, you’ll learn about the history and culture of this fascinating region. Our guides are experts in Serbian history and will share their knowledge with you, taking you to hidden gems and offering insights into the local way of life.

Make reservaton for Rural Gems Tour

The Rural Gems All-Day Tour is an affordable way to experience the best of Serbia’s cuisine and culture. At just 155 euros per person it’s a great value for the experience you’ll have. And for groups of 4 or more people you’ll get a 10% discount.

Plus, if you book now, we give you 15% off on all other tours we offer.

So why wait? Join us for a day filled with adventure. Book your Rural Gems All-Day Tour today and discover the heart and soul of Serbia.

Prices start from:

from 155 EUR per person