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Have you ever wished you could experience a city by spending the entire day doing activities that the cheerful, friendly locals suggest to you?

Would you like to feel at home in Belgrade, and experience emotions and events that you’ll remember for as long as you live?

We are your best guides through the beautiful Belgrade, and we will take you everywhere.

You can rest assured that we will show you the best places, unlike any you’ll find in the official tour guides, because they haven’t been discovered yet.

Prepare yourself for an incredible journey, because we’re going to hit the streets, dive into stories and immerse ourselves into the living heartbeat of Belgrade. We’ll make your visit one you’ll remember forever!

Welcome to our city!


Do you know the meaning of his name?

What if we tell you that this man has traveled all around the globe, staying with friends from around the world – friends he made by being a brilliant host to them first?

Meet Vlada, the person whose name comes from the old-Slavic word “Vladar”, which means “Ruler”. In many ways, he is a true ruler. A king of boundless energy and the love he puts into presenting Belgrade to his friends. The king of recommendations for the best night on the town, the best food, the best places where the regulars argue which ‘rakia’ brandy is superior, the local holes in wire fences you can crawl through to enter secret games by lower-ranging football teams.

As someone who was born and raised in Belgrade, he has been living and breathing Belgrade for 30 years (almost since he learned to walk), he knows every corner of this city like the back of his own hand.

But there’smore to it all than just knowing the best places – the goal is to create an unforgettable experience for every guest. Vlada is proud of his way of connecting with people from all walks of life. You can consider him your personal host and friend, because the two of you will set off on an adventure together that will take you through unforgettable streets of the colorful capitol of Serbia.

Legend says that more and more people are becoming religious fans of Belgrade thanks to his efforts. 🙂

Vlada’s favorite gift is the collection of all other guides’ favorite gifts. 🙂


You’ll be shocked to learn that behind this smiling face is… a very cheerful and positive person. 🙂

Dule is so familiar with Belgrade’s restaurant and club scene, that he will give you an incredibly accurate estimation on what will be ‘in’ all the way to year 2062.

He will take you to a place that serves the best espresso, to enjoy the finest drinks in the most sophisticated locations that give the best view of the sunset.

He knows all those secret, tucked-away wine bars and places that guard their dessert recipes better than any conspiracy secrets.

Dule’s favorite gifts are rare drinks. 🙂


Who is up at 2AM and eager to give you guidance, the number of an honest taxi-driver, or point you to the first, freshest ‘burek’ of the day?

Sale is a huge history buff and a respected visitor of many pubs.

With him, you’ll be able to experience every corner of Belgrade in an original way.

When you think that there’s nothing interesting in your location, the Belgrade life will appear in its full glory, because Sale knows exactly where that is.

The best gift you could give Sale is a good debate over a good drink… or two. 🙂


Do you know who guided over 1.000 tours through the capitol of Serbia and whose stories about Belgrade have been heard by over 5.000 people?

Legend says that he must’ve been there when the Celts founded Belgrade and wrote it all down with his own hand. He jealously guards that information, giving it only to the guests on his tours.

This history professor presents Belgrade and all its hidden corners with such passion and charm, that many people from all walks of life have even decided to move to Belgrade thanks to him.

Pedja is always ready to take you to the usual places with unusual history where something truly spectacular and timeless happened. He will vividly relate all those events to you, while you’re enjoying the best coffee or cold beer together.

The gift that will delight Pedja the most is a good book he hasn’t read yet (not that there are many to be found) 🙂


How many times have you wanted to hear or see something completely new and fresh about Belgrade?

Are you interested in the alternative scene and corners of our city?

Then you have to meet Ena – our youngest and most charming member of the team.

Stories say that if you’d like to find the best place for a good photo session or to chill, you don’t have to fly drones in order to find out – you just need to call Ena and she’ll explain it all.

The urban look and carefree demeanor are her trademark features.

The best gift you could give Ena would be a return of hospitality in your own town. 🙂